Training and Exercise

Title Description Topics
All-Hazards Drill Form and Information Packet MEMBERS ONLY: This is a form template for conducting an internal/external drill in a skilled care or assisted living facility. This is an FHCA members-only tool. Visit the FHCA website for more information. Preparedness Exercise, Sample Templates & Toolkits, Training Resources
Tabletop Exercise Situation Manual: Mid Summers NightMARES This resource from the New Jersey Health Care Association is a situation manual for a hurricane-related event impacting LTC facilities. Though not a Florida-specific exercise, the injects used and questions posed are valuable examples for any state vulnerable to hurricanes. Preparedness Exercise
Psychological First Aid - Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes (Second Edition) Psychological First Aid - Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes (Second Edition). Training Resources
FL DOH - HSEEP Mechanics Manual FL DOH - HSEEP Mechanics Manual Training Resources
Emergency Preparedness Training and Exercise Guide for Nursing Homes This guide's concepts and step-by-step planning process are designed to assist nursing homes to become proficient in developing, conducting, and evaluating preparedness exercises that meet the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program standards. Preparedness Exercise
Project ESCAPE Exercise Plan The Project ESCAPE “Evaluate Surge Capacity and Prioritized Evacuation” exercise is designed to establish a learning environment for players to exercise emergency response plans, policies, and procedures as they pertain to an evacuation of a long term care facility and the medical surge of an acute care facility. Preparedness Exercise
Project ESCAPE After Action Report and Improvement Plan (Final) The Project ESCAPE full scale exercise was designed to test and evaluate evacuation and medical surge capabilities within two healthcare facilities including LTC and acute care. This resource is the After Action Report and Improvement Plan for the exercise. Preparedness Exercise